Meet Ness Marketing Digital

Ness Marketing Digital is a team of highly talented
web designers and digital marketers

Where it started

Ness Marketing Digital started when a handful of site owners  we wrote for requested “us” to rank them. At the time, we were published content marketers. We were mainly copywriting for self and overseas brands. Our CEO even became an expert author on cloud computing for Cloud Tweaks( here) Santa Clara University, Emirates Review in 2011 among others. What would happen if we mixed real content with good SEO? Voila… We had the perfect recipe.

Scale with amazing processes; Dave (process king) and Tamera (customer experience). A bigger team behind us. We have worked with 100’s of businesses, build multiples sites, failed and succeeded. We have worked more as white-label partners for advertising and PR agencies on web design, advertising, and SEO.

Time to take over the world
We are never looking to compete against large digital marketing companies. We want to stay boutique, LEAN and manageable. We offer a quality product set and we are good at that. You are guaranteed that we will work on your project personally. We don’t want to be all things to all companies. We are good staying in our lane.
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Our Services

Web Design

Ness Marketing Digital has set itself apart from all of the other web design companies simply because we create beautiful customized graphic designs that are professionally and thoughtfully designed. There is a vast difference between the run of the mill website design companies and us here at Ness Marketing Digital. We are experts at creating compelling improvements to your brand/website. Our designers will work together with you and build a brand and a style that conveys the correct message to your target market in the best way possible.

Search Engine Optimization

We help improve search engine results for our client’s businesses that are aiming to target their local search engine marketplace. We will create your title, your tags, and all of your file names while watching the current trending search engine terms and keywords. We ensure that all of your website content is full of trending keywords, and we make sure that each aspect of your website is search engine friendly. All of these aspects put together ensures that when a potential client searches for your site, they find you very quickly, every time.

Social Media Marketing

Ness Marketing Digital is a social media marketing guru; we specialize in the most advanced social media tactics and research in the world. Our customers consist of both smaller and larger companies.  We only hire the most brilliant marketing and tech-savvy minds out there. We are able to develop strategies that build your company’s brand that will lead to extensive exposure and will reach all your clients like never before. We will take a look at your target market and locate the best applications and the correct content to hone in on your client audience.

Lead Generation Services

We help our customers do what they do best, winning new clients while we give them an efficient lead generation service. We also save our clients a lot of money by helping them avoid the high cost of employing and managing their own lead generation team. Our talented lead generators offer a vast array of lead generation services, thus making Ness Marketing Digital an industry standard among all lead generation companies active today. For the best in the business, contact us now and let us help you LEAD the way.

Logo Design

An unique logo for your website is both a fantastic start to your company brand but also leads you to your ultimate goal and will make success a constant for your company. Excellent logo design helps your company leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers that will keep them coming back to you time and time again and wanting more, and that is, of course, our ultimate goal. We can design, remodel or entirely build your company’s brand with our incredible logo design team that will give you the upper hand over all your competition as well as help you quickly gain more client attention.

AdWords Management

At Ness Marketing Digital we manage your AdWords by targeting the top keywords that will send clients directly to your website. A specifically focused keyword research and analysis will determine the very best and most affordable approach to acquiring clients who are looking for what your company has to offer. Through different research tools that we utilize here at Ness Marketing Digital, we are able to develop highly effective search campaigns that focus specifically on your target. By investing in our AdWords services, you will assist clients in finding your website who wouldn’t have come across it through typical search engine results.


We work with a vast range of company types all across the business industry. We’ve helped businesses improve customer service, sell their products, and attract hundreds of new customers. Our crew will get to know your specific industry and organization ensure your site meets all of your goals.

Yes! Our only goal is to please our clients. We can’t do any of that without your design input. If you possess a logo or brand that you would like us to work with, consider it done. We will make sure your site will be an integral portion of your overall brand and logo.

No. If the client isn’t a good fit for our company, we won’t quote them a bid. Creating a brand-new site is a big undertaking, so the website designers and their clients need to have similar views and goals for the project to work successfully. The can be said for customizing existing websites. If our company does not feel that we are able to expand and better your brand, we will let you know quickly.

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Our Team

Gregory Amoshe

CTO / Founder

As CTO and Founder, Gregory oversees all of the company operations and growth. He has always been very passionate about helping business owners improve their companies by integrating more visibility with their online presence. There is no one more qualified to help boost your business then Greg and his team of result driven marketers.

Dave Harrington

Creative Director

Dave is an important and integral part of our crew here at Ness Marketing Digital. He provides both creative website design and development for all of our design projects.  He is at the front of each one of our graphic design projects including logos as well as branding.

Angeline Tamera

Customer Experience/Marketing

Angeline is Ness Marketing Digital’s Marketing Manager, and she is the main point of contact for our clients. Most of her day is spent on the phone, explaining our process and reviewing advertising and development work with our potential clients. She will spend most of the time ensuring you’re properly informed of progress.