Digital Marketing and SEO is Like Any Other Business- Patience is Key

A whole lot of SEO problems could be diagnosed down to 1 thing.


Everyone’s seen this happen in the group:

“Hey guys, I’ve done absolutely EVERYTHING I can think of, but no matter how many links I add… my site won’t rank”

“Weird, right? How long has it been?”

“6 days!!”

Only for everyone to laugh at them for thinking they would rank in days or weeks.

SEO is an industry where you get to test your patience because it takes time to see results.

But business in general, including the SEO business, is the same.

In 2010 I made around Mjengo worker money. My day job paid me peanuts. I was a year shy of graduating from Uni.

In 2014, I comfortably cleared 6 figures consistently.

Pretty cool, right? All that change in a year?

Except, it’s really not all in a year. Same as overnight successes are never overnight.

I started trying to build a business in 2009.

And started building websites for fun, around 2 years prior to that in 2006 inside strathmore university labs.

Too many people enter this business wanting top rankings tomorrow, and 6 figure revenues the day after.

It doesn’t happen like that. It wont happen in any business.

If the thought of going into the negative for the next 12 months isn’t worth it to you, for you to come out the other side with a successful business… you’re not committed enough, and you may as well just quit now.


Relax. Keep at it. You’ll get there.

A little patience will go a long way.

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Gregory M

My name is Gregory M, a seasoned marketer who specializes in advanced client acquisition strategies for many industries. My interests run from content creation, social media, media buying, lead generation, revenue growth in competitive industries like health and gambling among others.

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