Monday Marketing Inspiration To Get You Going

Watched a great TV series recently. It is ongoing.

It's called "Black Sails".

It has been out for a few years. I never got to watch it. But I finally got round to seeing it.

All 3 previous seasons. A total 34 episodes 🙂

It's majorly about a guy, Captain Flint, a former navy officer and pirate ship captain, who many consider to be the greatest pirate ship captain in that world.

What's great about it is the love and passion he has for his work, and for achieving mastery.

Despite everything, captain Flint is always working an angle. In the deep seas with his brothers and on the mainland. The waves. The drama.

At the end of it, he escapes home to a noble woman. And the chains of his past loves.

To Flint, he's working for the freedom of Nassau... and being a pirate ship captain is a way of life to him. Not just a job.

That's inspiring to me.

Working until the day you die, not because you have to, just out of pure love for what you do.

Will that be digital marketing strategy? Will that be SEO? Will it be affiliate marketing?

Who knows, it's a long time away (hopefully), but here's the point...

If you fall in love with the process.

You obsess over mastering it.

And you repeat it, every day, for years...

You'll obviously become great at it.

Especially when you run a digital marketing agency or a best infrared heater company. 

But too many people have no interest in that.

They want to see the world and work only 30 minutes a day.

To have and build "passive income" that lets them slack all day. Wasting away.

And hey, if that's your thing, I get it.

But honestly, I don't know anyone doing well that didn't put in the hours, didn't run into repeated "roadblocks" holding them back, and didn't have huge struggles at some point.

So here's my advice:

Find a part of it you love - by doing everything, especially the parts you hate.

Outsource the rest.

Focus on mastering your "thing", and keep making small gradual improvements while repeating it over a long time.

Or y'know...

You can just try it for a month, get bored, move onto the next item... and repeat, all while wondering why nothing is working.

For us here at Ness Marketing, our passion is search engine optimizationwebsite designconversion rate optimizationdigital marketing in general, and social media marketingPR among others.

We have mastered them. We obsess over them. And that's what we sell.

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Have a fruitful marketing week.

Gregory M

My name is Gregory M, a seasoned marketer who specializes in advanced client acquisition strategies for many industries. My interests run from content creation, social media, media buying, lead generation, revenue growth in competitive industries like health and gambling among others.

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