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For purposes of showing you that we know our stuff, we are high lighting a few of our success stories for you to see. SEO is real powerful if done right. Get in touch for the best SEO packages for your business. We accept only a few businesses in our service to avoid bad results. Thus we only deal with businesses that are actively promoting themselves (advertising) and ones that are willing to invest in this endeavor. Our prices start at $300 pm. Payments accepted are LIPA NA MPESA, CASH, PAYPAL & CHEQUE.


  • Discovery phone call/meeting – Getting to ask each other questions to determine if we’re fit for each other. Your average close rate, value of each customer, etc.
  • Custom plan- This is a paid plan where we come up with an action plan for your specific business- dentist, accountant, lawyer, etc.
  • Action Plan Review- We go through the execution plan together- non commital.
  • Working together-  We achieve this by planning ahead, working together, and being transparent. That’s the way that we do business.
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Brian runs an injury lawyers firm in Palm Beach, Florida. His focus is auto accidents and has been our client for over 2 years now.

His firm operates his law firm in 4 locations, with a fewer staff compared to his competitors. What was working for his firm was the VIP treatment he guaranteed his clients and an aggressive website.( You need a selling and conversion driven website designed, talk to us)

One of the most impressive things about him, is his long list of happy clients.

Being a small fish in a very competitive market, the firm faced many challenges. First, they could not be able to throw around marketing dollars like the competition. They needed SEO experts who know their stuff. Ness Marketing.

SEO Challenges Faced
They hired several SEO agencies prior and some damage had to be fixed.

Our first quick wins were on-page SEO work.

We optimized their website content, structure, and as well as metas an canonicals afresh.

We changed the URLs for many web pages got rid of keyword stuffing, keyword cannibalization, and optimized them under optimized URLs.

The H1’s (heading tags) were not optimized. To preserve the beauty of the website, being web designers in Kenya we used CSS optimize the H1’s. We made a site-wide changes to the websites. Changing H1 from the present hero image, into a non-header element.  We then added the H1 tag to the body copy on all location pages.

While doing all this, we created pillow backlinks, citations in locations to the homepage of the website. It helped avoid over-optimized anchor text.

We then added homepage and legal practice area pages “power” backlinks. Most existing backlinks focused on the homepage whilst neglecting inner pages.

After just 2 months, organic traffic grew by ~50% MOM (Month Over Month). The calls increased by 170% MOM after 8 months providing crazy ROI.

SEO experts kenya, now MMC has kept its page 1 rankings 2 years straight since we did SEO for them. We have taken them through multiple website redesigns and still kept their rankings.

We have many local and international clients and all of them trust us with different executions. Whether you’re looking for a website for your business or have an already designed one, let us know. Contact us asap.