1 – If you don’t know your Numbers, you don’t have a business. You have a hustle.

Stop the hustle and start building something real.

2 – “I didn’t know how screwed up my business was until you guys broke it down piece by piece. Too many entrepreneurs just roll the dice in their business like I was instead of actively trying to grow it and remove themselves from the day to day. I was oblivious as to how unstructured and incomplete my business was.” (He already had a strong multi-6-figure business but realized there was another level within a few hours. :slightly_smiling_face: )- past client 

3 – High quality people want to deal with high quality people and brands, and don’t mind high quality prices. In fact, low quality prices are a turn off.

Know your ideal prospect and go after THEM. Not everybody.

4 – The greatest Marketing hacks for service-based businesses I know of have nothing to directly do with marketing. A. Maximize LTV and B. Dial in fulfillment to be world-class. Learn what these metrics mean here

5 – “It needs to be so simple a VA can do it. The reason I was always the superhero in the business is because I didn’t make it simple enough to where my team didn’t need to be me.”

Make it simple. Build a machine. Then get the hell out of the way.

There is a much bigger game to play…

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