Welcome to Ness Marketing- Marketing Philosophies for 2019

Regardless of the marketing tactics your company is using, there’s always one that’s an absolute must. SMS, SEO, FACEBOOK, FLIERS, POSTERS, or BILLBOARDS.

Over 90% of all active internet users (between 14.5 and 17 Million Kenyans use the internet) look for advice online according to a Google Consumer Survey. 

That’s why almost every company is now investing in some sort of SEO, social media marketing, influencer marketing, website design, Google Maps, or Facebook ads(companies that advertise are usually the ones growing- so, not all companies).

Not only do these channels generate a lot of leads, but they also produce the highest Return on Investment (ROI) when done right.

But what qualifies ME to use active voice when talking about marketing in 2019?

Over the past 8 years of my NEW MEDIA career, I’ve worked with well over 100 firms in all sectors.

Once upon a time, I was the Lead SEO Manager for global advertising agency, YR, as well as Media Manager for this. After 51/2 years of agency work; I went into this betting company, a startup, as Digital Operations Manager for near 2 years. Currently, I am VP for Marketing at this fresh one. This is a fancy name for someone who’s a hybrid of a marketer and coder. The one who answers the question of getting customers with design, digital marketing, A/B tests, spam, UX, copy, landing pages, viral factor, email/SMS deliverability, SEO, Open Graph, and less of the old school stuff.

If that’s not enough, you can check out these seo case studies. I helped two law firms; one in the US and another in Kenya increase organic traffic by 50% and monthly calls by 170%.

But that’s not why you’re here. Every business I want to work with should be aware of these metrics in order for growth to happen.

What’s your goal?

Don’t tell me your goal is to “make more money.”

That’s rather obvious.

Without a goal, you won’t know your destination. What it takes.

Obviously, you’re going somewhere but how close are you?

You should have arrived there already.

Here are some examples I have encountered:

  • Double monthly lead intake
  • Prove that assisted conversions exist
  • Prove SEO is a profitable before I fully invest in it
  • Generate divorce cases
  • I don’t want to check my marketing any more
  • How do Facebook pixels work

Your goals will allow you to see success in your marketing so far from “nice to have” metrics such as traffic, trending, and internet penetration. Your goals will also determine the ideal marketing tactic based on time frame and budget.

Based on your goal as a decision maker in your company, SEO, Facebook ads, TV, or billboards could turn out to be smart or horrible investments.

What would you pay for a lead in your company?

Assuming you’re a serious business, how much would you pay to get a potential customer? By lead I’m talking about a phone number, email, meeting.

When you know the cost of your leads, you’re in a better position to start marketing or investing capital in marketing, as you should.

But this isn’t important without these simple math formula.

Average Client Lifetime Value / ACLV/

This metric represents how much a customer brings to your company over the course of your business. In some vertical like dentists it could be what he/she pays for procedure. To my marketing agency it could be your monthly charge time the period we engage.

Average Order Value/AOV

This is total revenue over a period of time 1 year at least divided by the total number of transactions. If you billed 1.2 m in a year, in 10 transactions the AOV is 120,000.

Average Lifetime Transactions per customer/ALTC

Over every customers lifetime, what’s the average number of transactions they’ll have with you.

For things like accident lawyers- it could be once 1 year. For real estate lawyers or bankers could be 10 times over a year. For insurance companies a year? What are you selling?

Multiply this number by your Average Order Value (AOV). This will give you the elusive lifetime value of the customer- LTV.

Lead Conversion Rate

From the inquiries coming, how many do you close into clients.

Example, amongst those of you reading this tutorial; some of you will chat me up, call or message me. But how many of you will pay to become clients?

Assuming am selling a 500,000 website with a profit margin of 300,000 vs cost but only 30% of those messages are serious buyers, my lead value is 45000 KSH.

To this fictitious company of mine above, I should be able to part with 45000 for every lead to operate in profit.

What’s your marketing budget?

How much should you invest in your marketing budget to reach your goal? If you’ve read thus far, get in touch.  Get inspired by our recent web designs, SEO case studies, or enjoy our marketing blog

What makes you different from other agencies?

We’re not your typical web marketing agency who sets up websites, run SEO, or Facebook campaigns. Our team has people who’ve worked in different industries across  multiple markets. B2B or B2B  businesses, for large corporations to startups. We bring years of varied experiences which enables us to run marketing campaigns that perform for your specific business.

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