10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content

10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Content

Content repurpose is a process where you reuse existing content to create new content. It allows businesses to extend the reach and lifespan of existing content.

Time is a resource and the content creation process takes time. The time you’ll save by repurposing your content is incredible. If you repurpose your content, you can reach more people for very little extra effort, whereas if you write something fresh every time it’s hard to scale beyond a certain point.

Here are 10 creative ways to repurpose content:

1. Improve your old posts with fresh information

Your content should be constantly updated so that it can bring new life to it. This means that, as you get closer to reality, you will update previous posts with new content. Have you ever visited a blog and been disappointed by the old content?

It might seem valuable now but you could have saved yourself many hours of research and reading if you had updated everything at once. Now is the perfect time to update old blogs with new information and insights. Perhaps some new ideas have emerged since your last visit while others will remain as proven facts.

Choose the best time to update your blog posts based on when it is most convenient for you.

2. Convert Your Existing Content to Videos

Video is quickly becoming the go-to format for viral content. It’s intuitive, digestible, and rapidly spreading across social networks and display devices. That is where the advantage of turning your content into videos lies.

However, it is important to remember that the content displayed must be captivating and valuable for your videos to engage your viewers. The viewers must be able to relate well to the content.

If a video catches a viewer’s eye, it makes them pay closer attention to the content, even if they were not interested at first.

3. Connecting Old Content with new Post

New information is always welcome, but it’s important to pay attention to how it’s presented. When you repurpose information, it can help connect current events with prior themes and give your posts greater relevance.

When you uncover compelling connections between previously published content and current news, it can help readers gain a deeper understanding of a topic.

4. Merge Your Content with Online Courses

Mixing content from your blog posts with valuable additional content is a great way to build an online course on your website.

The key is understanding how to utilize content from other sources to create new, valuable products or services that complement your own services.

If you’re a good writer and know how to organize material, you can take existing blog posts and turn them into a series of online courses.

5. Improving Content with Better Copywriting

It’s important to not just think about the quantity of new content, but also the quality.

Besides writing a variety of different kinds of posts, you can use your existing stories and new ones to evoke diverse emotions in people reading your blog or website.

6. Disintegrate Lengthy Content into Smaller posts

When you have a lot of information to share, consider creating a series of posts instead of one big post. This way readers can digest your data more easily.

Additionally, since your readers are better able to understand your material, you can publish more often.

7. Restructuring Content for Different Platforms

You might want to consider creating a list of stories or key messages that you can reuse on multiple platforms. Reusing content can save you time and help ensure consistency as you communicate with your various audiences.

It’s best to combine all of your marketing material into one place so that your messages and stories are consistent everywhere.

8. Extract Most Common Questions on Your FAQs Section and Turn them into posts

If you’re running into writer’s block, go with what you think your audience wants to hear. Although you might not be able to answer every single inquiry, try to get in touch with your readers as much as possible.

If your readers themselves have blogs or websites, and you link to one of their questions, it can be good for relationship-building with your readers.

9. Promote Existing Content Via Different Angles

Selling from multiple points of view, and to multiple audiences is a key way to repurpose content that already exists.

This way, you’ll have a variety of lists, allowing you to pull in a variety of crowds. People love variety because it means that if they don’t like one suggestion, there are others they can try.

10. Building Infographics for your Content.

Although building one can be a bit challenging, it needs to show all the relevant information, do away with any redundant or useless data.

It should make sense, have scientific validity while also being visually pleasing enough to catch the eye of the casual viewer.

I hope you’ll discover a lot of wonderful ideas for repurposing content here. If you know some more great techniques, please share them with us.

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