10 Tips for Persuasive Commercials and Ads

10 Tips for Persuasive Commercials and Ads

Now that you have a better understanding of what’s required to create successful and persuasive commercials, it’s time to start putting these new skills to work.

1. Start With a Bold Opener

The first thing you want to do is make sure your audience notices what you’re saying. In the world of online marketing, that means using words, colors, and images that will pop out at your audience.

2. Use Creative Copy

A person’s ability to use language that is persuasive will be key to convincing readers to take a suggested course of action.

For example, persuasive copy in a commercial might sound like this: “Find out what your friends really think about you.”

This persuasive copy would work with a scenario where the viewer is watching their video clip and seeing other people’s reactions. The viewer may then start to question themselves about what they should do—watch more of it or leave. This type of persuasive copy is a great example of how to get viewers hooked.

3. Understand What Your Customers Want

There are a variety of persuasive tactics that can work for your commercial or ad, but it’s important to focus on what will resonate the most with your target audience in order to build the best connection possible.

The persuasive copy in your commercial should focus on systematically enumerating the benefits of what you offer and how it can improve your customers’ live

4. Use Celebrities or Influencers to Endorse Your Product

Celebrities and influencers are credible and are a trusted source, so when they promote your product, people listen.

This tactic is often referred to as social proof, and it is the idea that people are more likely to support a product or brand if other people they trust are already involved.

5. Incorporate Trending Topics

Persuasive commercials do more than just influence our attitudes; they also provide us with a way to connect to others by using current events.

The idea here is if your commercial or advertisement addresses something going on in the wider world, it will likely be more persuasive because you’re tapping into what’s trending right now.

6. Appeal to Viewers’ Emotions

Customers want great commercials and ads to help them decide what to buy. If you craft a great commercial, it should make them feel good about your products or trust your brand.

7. Offer a Promotion or Deal

Promoting discounts, coupon codes, and sales are a great way to encourage your customers to act quickly and buy your product. 90% of consumers use coupons every year.

You can incentivize people to buy now by offering discounts, free shipping, or bonus gifts.

8. Use Repetition

Repetition is persuasive because it exposes your customers to your message more than once, which helps them remember.

9. Use Positive Images and Associations

Advertising agencies that create commercials for companies with products that appeal to positive emotions use images of happy families, beautiful people and animals, or other things that evoke positive emotions in their commercials.

Making your customer feel good about their purchase will increase the chance that they will follow through with your call to action and make that all-important final purchase.

10. Ask Customers to Jump on Your Bandwagon

Everyone wants to feel like they are part of something.

This is why persuasive commercials often ask customers to “join the movement” or jump on their bandwagon.

The concept of “liking” is very powerful. It gives you reason to identify with something, a reason to align your self-concept with that idea. So when you want someone to like you or a product, create something they

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