5 social media metrics you should track

5 social media metrics you should track

Social media metrics are the statistics you can pull from your social media accounts that are indicators of your marketing performance.

Some metrics applies to all social media platforms, while others are specific to a particular platform.

In this post, I’ll focus on the universal social media marketing metrics. Even when applying the social media metrics, will give you an idea on how your social media channels are performing

1. Volume of mentions

The number of people who mention your brand in their content is basically the amount of popularity you have. This is one of the most important numbers to check in your brand tracking system.

Measuring the volume of mentions from social channels over time helps spot any seasonal changes in interest.

There might be spikes in interest for your product throughout the year. For example, Black Friday is a particularly active time for companies in the SaaS industry.

2. Social media reach

The social media reach is the number of users who have seen your posts.

Social media reach will tell you how many people have seen your social media posts and how the content is spreading across social networks. 

The higher social media reach, the bigger audience could have seen your product. 

After you set up a hashtag, you simply keep track of everything related to that hashtag.

3. Sentiment

The volume of mentions is the social media metric on which you’ll base your social media analysis. 

Other metrics will give you context necessary to make the most informed decisions. 

Sentiment will tell you whether the talk around your brand is positive, negative or neutral. 

This social media metric is especially useful when you’re running social media campaigns. 

A high volume of mentions and prevailing negative sentiment is a call for trouble. It means that social media crisis is on its way and you have to implement your social media crisis plan into action.

4. Engagement metrics

To be successful on social media, your content need to ignite discussion and tempt users to leave some kind of interaction. That’s where engagement metrics come in handy.

Social media algorithms, which take into account whose content to show first on a timeline, take into account the number and type of interactions on your social media account.

5. Influencers

Influencer marketing sparks a love – hate relationship among social media marketers. The surge in negative comments about influencers is caused mainly by lack of research and basing the decisions on faulty premises. 

Examining the right social media metrics will prevent you from making this type of mistakes.

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