5 Ways to Increase Web Traffic From Social Media

5 Ways to Increase Web Traffic From Social Media

1. Engage YourAudience

Constructing social media content about your target audience will help you attract more of them. The best way to engage is to give them what they want, not what you want. Try to understand your readers’ needs. Then, offer them content that will be valuable and help them achieve their goals.

Ask open-ended questions to encourage people to talk more. If you have to put a person in the limelight, you should ask them questions that draw out their personality, or their most attractive personality. It’s a good idea to avoid having the customer draw their own conclusions. Ask yes-no questions or make multiple-choice options available to them.

Set up a poll that asks a question and gives people a few answers to choose from. You can also hold giveaway prizes for winners of contests.

2. Be active

If you make an effort to personally respond to every comment on your social posts, it will make your audience feel valued and sometimes your response can include a link to your website, which offers more information on the topic. If you’re responsive, engaging, and genuinely build relationships with prospects, they won’t compare you to other brands.

Providing customer service and responding to comments on social media is an important part of any social media strategy. It not only builds engagement and trust, but it also helps you maintain a presence in your customers’ consciousness.

3. Boost Your Content

To maximize your content’s performance, make sure to promote relevant blog posts on social media. One thing you can try is to share full stories or excerpts on social media along with a link. That should incentivize the reader to go to your website to read more.

Old, relevant content still holds some value for your followers, so it can still be a good idea to promote it on social media. It’s worth promoting your content multiple times because you might attract people who see it on the second or third try.

4. Shape Up Your Social Media Profiles

People will look at your profile or bio section to understand more about your brand. It should quickly communicate your brand value proposition while establishing your tone and style.

The more specific your niche is – while still appealing to a wide audience – the better your chances of finding and engaging with your target audience. If you don’t have a bio on your site, include a call to action that directs clients to your site.

5. Clearly Display Share Buttons

You want people to share your content. Make their work easier and give them a way to do that without a hustle.

To avoid engaging in that game, and instead encourage the sharing of your content, embed social sharing buttons close to your content. Show the number of shares to date as proof that others find it worth sharing too.

You can drive traffic to your social media accounts by following the five tactics in this article. If you’re consistent in your efforts, you eventually will start noticing results.

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