7 Best Free Hashtags Analytics Tools

7 Best Free Hashtags Analytics Tools

Hashtags make it possible to view an aggregate of related tweets and Instagram and Facebook posts. But Twitter, Instagram and Facebook analytics programs do not provide the capacity for you to see how hashtags affect engagement. If you’re into social media marketing.

Hashtag analytics can be used to measure reach, engagement, and sentiment around a hashtag, and they can be used to track the reach of a marketing campaign.

1. Brand24

Brand24 is a great way to monitor your hashtags in real time on Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and TikTok.

Monitoring Twitter Hashtags is just one feature of Brand24. Its tracking capabilities go beyond that. It also tells you about your performance in the search engines, blogs, and more.

Social media reach is one of the most commonly known metrics, but having other data on hand can help you make an informed decision.


Another awesome hashtag analytics tool that lets you monitor hashtag performance is RiteTag. It’s a great tool for monitoring what hashtags are currently trending on Twitter and Instagram.

RiteTag offers a lot of data, including Estimated Hourly Statistics, Daily Averages, popular accounts using a hashtag and more. The tool also suggests trending hashtags that increase discoverability and exposure, tells which hashtags get seen over time and which.

3. Keyhole

Keyhole is a social media analytics tool that gives the opportunity to monitor hashtag performance and hashtag analytics on Twitter and Instagram. The tool provides plenty of data, including reach, the number of posts, users, impressions, and more.

Keyhole provides account-level analytics and the Optimization feature that analyzes hashtag performance of a given account. Keyhole is a good way to find out if relevant hashtags work in terms of engagement. What’s more, Keyhole suggests.


Similar to RiteTag, Hashtagify is a free resource that can help you discover new, relevant hashtags. There are not many free hashtag monitoring tools out there, but Hashtagify is certainly one of them.

Hashtagify presents relevant hashtags in a bubble. By hovering over a hashtag, the tool displays data about popularity and correlation from the main hashtag. The advanced mode allows digging deeper into related hashtags, or table mode shows each tag’s popularity.


The tool is particularly useful for Twitter chats. The tool allows you to track hashtags and to take part in Twitter chats.

The application has registries that allow aggregating hashtag relevant to a given topic, for example, business, conferences, events and so on so forth. You can also register your hashtag and create a hashtag landing page displaying conversations from the Twitter chat.


A great hashtag tracking tool can be found in Awario, a web and social media monitoring tool. Awario has numerous features for tracking hashtags and their use on the web and on social media platforms.

You can use the hashtag tracker and analytics tool to keep track of your hashtags and find out which hashtags work well.


This is a great tool, and it works on Twitter. It tracks and analyzes any profile, hashtags, or keywords on Twitter.

The hashtag tracking tool that TrackMyHashtag offers is quite rare. It claims to track both real time and historical data. This is great for marketers who want to analyze their efforts in the long term.

When it comes to analytics, the tool shows a top URL, image and video for each hashtag. This allows you to better assess what content worked for your campaign.

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