7 best free logo maker in 2021

7 best free logo maker in 2021

Best Logo Makers In 2021 - 5 Top Logo Creator (Free & Paid) - PunchSalad

Today, you can create a good logo for free instead of spending money on pricey logo design services using logo maker.

While it’s always best to do your research, to understand your client’s needs and to produce something with professional polish.

A free logo maker can be the perfect way to knock out something quick and dirty for simple visual inspiration.

Here is a list of logo design software we think are worth your money.

01. Wix Logo Maker

With the Wix , you can make your own logo online by choosing from thousands of stock images.

Once it’s gathered information about your business and visual preferences, it’ll give you a logo that you can edit and then download.

02. Canva Logo Maker

The logo maker by Canva is a popular source of free design for novice users, and it’s hugely popular.

You can choose how big or small you want the logo to be, what color it should be, whether it should have an underline or not, and what font it should use.

03. Looka Logo Maker

If you have five minutes to spare then you can use Looka’s AI-powered logo maker to generate your own branding.

It’ll work with your company name and business to generate your own unique logo.

04. Hatchful

It’s one of the easiest free logo makers we’ve seen; simply feed it a few useful facts about the business you need a logo for, decide on the style of logo you need and how you’ll want to use it, and it’ll generate.

Once you’ve found one that fits you, you can adjust the font, palette, icon and layout until everything’s just right.

05. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands’ uses an AI-powered system to generate a suitable logo for your brand.

Instead of being asked to choose between an icon, text or initial-based logo, you are simply asked to provide the name of your business and a description of what it does.

You can now download a low-resolution version of your logo for free.

Tailor Brands can help you get started by offering a platform that also creates merchandise, business cards, and a standout social media presence.

06. Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft’s allows you to create a logo from scratch in a short amount of time.

It offers a library of icons and other graphic elements, and it allows you to arrange them in any way you like.

Ucraft requires a bit more design nous to get the most out of it.

07. LogoMakr

LogoMakr is an innovative free logo maker that is both easy to use and pretty powerful.

It offers the same basic tools as Ucraft, but with a friendlier front end and a few more options and fonts to play with.

Again, these sites will offer you a range of templates and icons you can experiment with to create your own design.

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