A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use One Piece Of Content For Multiple In SEO

A Comprehensive Guide On How To Use One Piece Of Content For Multiple In SEO

Because today’s readers have seen so much content, they’re more receptive to new ideas. You have to create content that is engaging, informative, and valuable to your readers.

Even though it takes time to write a brand new article every day, that doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch. There’s a way to take one content idea and turn it into multiple from there.

Before you even write a piece of content, make sure that your process for tracking results is defined and recorded. One effective way to get people to read your content is by providing a lot of value.

Using Video To Boost Your Blog Content SEO

For every article you write, you may spend an entire workday doing this one task.

There are a number of tools out there, including Loom and Rev.com, that turn your video file into text, which allows you to create a transcript faster and more easily.

We’ll be going over a few different strategies on how to get the most out of your content using video.

1. Capture Your Audience’s Attention

When writing your outline, be sure to include the keyword you want to rank for in the headline. This will make it easier to optimize your content by focusing on what will attract search engines and readers. Additionally, If you want to use content to attract a large number of people, the best place to start is with long-tail keywords.

Understanding how your audience searches for information is the first step toward being found. To do this, you’ll want to interview a subject matter expert about the product or service they provide and how that solution solves your target audience’s problem.

Whether it’s a new feature, an increase in font size, or a clearer background, these are the elements that can help you create appealing blog content.

2. Outline Your Blog

Most bloggers have something in common. They have a special approach to writing content, or they use certain methods to earn money that is unique. In order to figure out how your blog should be structured, you should pretend that you’re writing an article and then record what you’d say.

Outlining your ideas will make it easier to format the article after you record it.

3. Define Your Distribution Strategy

Once you have outlined your blog, it’s also important to decide where your video will be distributed. The way you’ll distribute your content heavily influences the way you record it, especially if you’re going to be utilizing the video itself as the content.

The videos you create should be more professional if you operate a business consultancy. Or, if you know you’re going to be breaking the video up, leave time for natural “breaks” for easy editing later on. By defining the path the content will take before writing it, you give yourself a better idea of what to write.

4. Use Of Video Recording Softwares

Some video recording software, such as Zoom and Loom, allow you to record yourself speaking over the phone. These videos will be accompanied by an audio file of your side of the conversation.

Regardless of the format you are using to record your notes, you need to have a copy in an audio file.

5. Time To Transcribe

It takes around an hour to write 1,000 words of a high-quality blog post. Additionally, the average audio file is around 7,800 words. That would take the average writer around three and a half hours to write.

Transcribing will make this process easier. There are a couple of different transcription tools. If you send the audio file to these programs, you’ll typically receive the audio file back in a few hours.

6. Convert Transcription to Blog Format

You’ll receive a transcript of what was said, broken out by the speaker. This makes it much easier to format the content for publishing.

To make the process as seamless as possible, outline your blog before producing it. That way, you can easily move each section to the desired location for your blog.

7. Edit Your Videos For Social Media

If you’re posting the same video multiple times, break it into chunks that can be shared on each platform. Along with that, make sure that your video matches each platform’s guidelines.

When we watch videos of people we admire, we tend to take notes. If you find yourself doing the same thing, you can easily turn those notes into social media posts or even write an entire article.

To be sure you always have content, schedule your posts ahead of time. First, copy the entire body of your report. Then, paste it into an excel spreadsheet, and organize them based on date and platform, since they’ll also act as your reminder.

This will help you save time in your planning process.

8. Distribute Your Content

After creating your various forms of content, you can now put them into action and start promoting them. The content should be directly targeted to interested parties.

It is crucial to have a flow of relevant content on your website and social media platforms. Relevant content is a good way to build credibility, but it’s only part of the equation. In order for you to be trusted, you have to make it easy for people to find your information.

You can keep this process going by continuously repurposing content.


This process will help you create and share thought-provoking and data-driven content. That way, you’ll be able to maximize your output and visibility.

Use your audience’s feedback to focus, refine, and improve the quality of your content. It’s important to track and analyze how well your campaigns perform in order to make sure you’re building a successful business.

Feel free to reach out to Ness Marketing if you want to boost your SEO score.

All suggestions are welcome in the comment section below.

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