Building an Email Listing

Building an Email Listing

What Is an Email List?

An email list refers to a list of clients or subscribers used by an individual or organization to market their product. Advertisement articles of specific products are sent directly to the individuals on the email list in the hope of creating awareness and making sales.

Use of email lists has fast grown to be the most popular marketing strategy for majority of online businesses. The popularity of email lists is majorly attributed by the fact that an organization has a readily available client list that they can advertise their products to and possibly make sales. Additionally, email lists allow for more personalization as the individuals on the email lists subscribe to particular content which helps the organization know the specific content the individual is interested in.

For example, if your lead magnet is a guide that discusses “best skin care routines for oily skin” there is a high probability that your new subscriber is mostly interested in skin care products for oily skin. The information will aid in splitting your lists into more specific subgroups hence enabling one to send emails that are more personalized and cover the individual’s current challenges.

Building an Email List

Building a healthy and thriving email list takes a long period and is mainly dependent on the individual’s or organization’s campaign. An individual’s campaigns will increase the open rates and clickthrough rates hence subsequently increasing the organization’s sales. An organization or individual can build an email list through the following three steps;

  • Step One: Start Early

The first step to an individual who wishes to build a healthy and thriving email list is to start early. Once the individual has launched his/her products he/ she should start building an email list. This will allow better results from the email list over time and subsequently decrease time spent on marketing the email list.

One can commence by making use of the existing contacts in the customer relationship management system. The individual can start by sending out emails to everyone on his contact list from previous campaigns and he/she will be one step closer to creating a healthy and thriving email list.

  • Step Two: Make Every Contact Point with Customers an Opportunity

An individual should ensure that every contact made with a customer is a chance to get their email addresses. He should ask should ask for their email addresses at the point of sale. However, one should know that customers will only share their email addresses if impressed by the services offered hence the individual should strive to make the customers happy first. When the customers are happy, they will also be encouraged to refer more customers hence adding to the build of the email list.

Moreover, the staff should undergo training on how to sought information from every customer by giving a detailed explanation on the benefits of sharing their contact details.

Finally, email addresses can be obtained from every customer care call, and during customer requests for a brochure or catalog. The staff should be trained to see all the above as opportunities to add another person to the subscribers list.

  • Step three: Add an Opt in Inducement

An individual can build an email list by providing downloadable e-books and product catalogues that can only be accessible by proving an email address. The above will help you “earn” an email list as you will be the go-to resource for information.

An individual should also opt to offer a promotional price with every purchase. A customer should be given the inducement immediately after giving the email address or leave his email for a cash-discount on his next purchase.


In conclusion, a healthy and thriving email list is built overtime by recruiting and maintaining an email list. Recruiting individuals to an email list involves individual’s active campaign while maintaining an email list can be achieved by sharing content that is relevant to the needs of the individuals on the email list. An email list is also maintained by maintaining the frequency of sharing the content should also be the same in order to be considered reliable. A healthy email list will lead to more sales and boost the overall growth of the organization.

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