November 7

Is Buying Links for SEO Risky to Your Website in 2021?


I built my first PBN over 7 years ago today.And even back then, everyone always said:”Be careful, these links are risky”Yet, the truth is… I’ve never had a single issue from using them.Sure, I’ve had PBN sites de-indexed.(Never money sites)And I’ve had algorithm penalties, thank you Mr Penguin.But that’s down to bad usage, not PBNs.See, it’s way easier to target patterns than a certain link.It’s easy to see if all your links are from the homepage of a blog, they’re probably PBN links.

If all your links are hosted on servers full of PBNs, they’re probably PBN links.And if your anchor text is over-optimised, you’re likely building links.But it’s much harder to just guess if a website is a PBN site or legit.Or if a guest post is legit or paid.So presuming you’re doing everything else right.Especially for guest posting on sites with real traffic:(None of that glorified PBN crap)Then you’re probably fine.There’s a risk, sure, but it’s extremely small.You’re more likely to get caught for a “pattern mistake”, than the actual usage of paid links.

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