Essential Tools Every Freelancer Needs

Essential Tools Every Freelancer Needs

Freelancing is the new wave of employment. Most people prefer freelancing for
various reasons, such as the desire for freedom to choose to do what they like and
what they are passionate about. It gives you room to choose your clients whom you
work with at your own pace and schedule. As a freelancer, you have to find strategies
to free yourself up to build your business by getti work done in less time. You can
grow your business by using the following tools;

1. Tools for Tracking your Time

As a freelancer, you are more likely to find yourself working on several projects
simultaneously. Managing your time is significant for proper and accurate invoicing.
You can have time tracking tools such as;

• Chrometa

It can run in the background; thus, you do not have to worry about setting a
time for the starting and ending. Chrometa creates a timesheet for you by
assigning your activities to the correct project. It achieves this by mastering
your email addresses, phone numbers, and keywords.


Harvest is the most popular time tracking tool freelancers use to keep their
business running and on time. It is easier to use, and you can use it on two
projects. When working in a team, harvest makes tracking the team's timeefficient by a visual summary.

• Office Time

Apart from being flexible to use, it is also economical as you only pay for it
once instead of paying every month. Invoices and billing are made painless as
you can track time and import it directly to an invoice. Can enter meetings
quickly into projects they belong to by using the apple calendar.

2. Productivity and Project Management Tools

A freelancer can find it hard to focus on his task when destructions are everywhere.
A freelancer needs to master task management. As a freelancer, you will need to
perform your tasks in collaboration with other team members. The following tools
will be of use;

• Trello
It organizes your work and tracks your team's project progress. Trello
visualizes the status of the task and gives you information about who is
working on it. You can achieve this by creating boards for each, then creating
lists and cards for each job within a project.

• Pocket
Looking for sources for your project can be very stressful. Pocket makes it
easier for freelancers to save information they find online, be it; videos or
articles, into their account for later use. It is flexible since you can revisit the
protected content on any device, online or offline.

3. Financial Tools

Staying updated on your invoicing and booking keeping is crucial to every
freelancer. It helps you track your payments and keeps you prepared for tax season.
The following tools will
help you with your finances as a freelancer;

• PayPal
PayPal will be more beneficial to your business as it offers multiple payment options
to your clients. It doesn't matter the method you are using to sell your services and
products, and it accepts all major credit cards.

• FreshBooks
Unlike paper receipts, FreshBooks makes your work easier with its all-in-one
solution. FreshBooks smoothness your business by putting it on autopilot for invoice
reminders. Its flexibility makes it comfortable to use as you can do your accounting
from a location of your choice with the mobile app. FreshBooks also accepts credit
payments making it more convenient.

4. Proposal Software

Freelancers need to create proposals for them to be able to get potential clients. A
good proposal gives you confidence, shows your high level of professionalism, and
Proposal software is here to help you achieve this.
Having and keeping the right tools will help boost your freelancing business.
Bookkeeping and accounting tools will ensure that you focus on your business while
keeping track of your invoices and payments.

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