Get Instagram Followers the EASY way

Get Instagram Followers the EASY way

This is Instagram social media marketing scheduler that allows posts and stories to be drafted in advance and published at a set time. Planoly will also help you organize your posts by giving you a birds view of how your followers interact with your photos or posts.

In the world of social media marketing right now, Instagram has its share, and that’s why we have many Instagram influencers. Planoly was designed to make Instagram marketing easier for everyone who uses Instagram; you do not require to have a large following to use it. Planoly helps brands, bloggers, small business owners, and anyone who uses Instagram to schedule and plan posts.

Why an Instagrammer should opt for planoly

Brilliant visual organization; the posts, videos, and photos are of good quality.

Great scheduling functions, checks on the time when the posts will get the attention they deserve.

It helps social media managers create the most effective content strategies that will capture their followers.

It saves time with planning; you’re able to create your posts without confusion or hurry, so you end up creating amazing posts and no late deadlines.

It also provides account insights for popular hashtags, users, and locations for ideas on where to grow your audience.

Planoly is easy to use and well organized, and with this, you will be able to view an overview of your post, making you make the changes you want.

It makes you make the most out of your promotional posts and lets the free Instagram traffic boost your rankings.

planoly subscriptions

It has free plans and paid plans ad they differ in the features customers get about their posts.

1.Free plans

this is a plan a client can use for as long as they want.2 social profiles,30 uploads per month per profile, one user.

Features; photos, comment inbox, basic analytics,linkit.


Billed annually at $7 or $9 per month

2 social profiles, one unlimited upload,30 uploads per month, one user.

Features; photos, videos, gifs, basic and advanced analytics, comment inbox, share to Facebook and Twitter auto post, image filters, and the best time to post.


Billed annually or $19 per month

2 social profiles unlimited uploads,2 users.

Features; photos, gifs, basic and basics auto post, share to Facebook and Twitter, image filters, the best time to post, and comment inbox.


Starting at $23 per month

Custom users, unlimited uploads, custom social profiles.

Features; videos, gifs, photos, the best time to post, image filters, basic and advanced analytics.

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