Importance Of A Faster WordPress Host

Importance Of A Faster WordPress Host

WordPress host sites optimize for WordPress and run WordPress. This means that they’re set up to handle WordPress and its requirements.

If you want to keep customers on your website and drive conversations, you have to make sure that your website loads quickly and that it has high-quality content.

Why should your website load fast

1. SEO depends on website speed

It’s important that your site loads quickly. All search engines rank pages higher that come up fast. If a search engine user is looking for a particular term and your page doesn’t load quickly enough, they will leave and surf to another site that loads.

2. A better conversion rate depends on how fast your website is.

This information about slow load times is great news for eCommerce websites because it means that it’s important to have fast websites. If your website takes longer than five seconds to load, then you should know that your conversion rates are already starting to lower.

3. A faster website has lower bounce rates.

As your page load time increases, the probability that people will leave goes up. The percentage of people who leave a page based on page load time is 32% greater when the time goes from one to three seconds.

Factors to consider before getting a fast WordPress host

  • The Web Hosting Plans offered-You can find hosts with different kinds of plans; you should choose one that meets your hosting needs and your budget.
  • The speed of your site depends on two factors: the number of visitors and the type of content provided to those visitors.
  • Server Locations of the host-The host has to be available in your country or you need to be able to reach him or her by phone, email, chat.

When your website is not performing as well as you need, it may be time to upgrade your plan to ensure your site can grow with you.

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