Make Your Business Stand Out Online and Become an SEO Expert

Make Your Business Stand Out Online and Become an SEO Expert

To bring in organic traffic to your webpages, SEO is a crucial element of any marketing strategy, with relatively little expenditure. IF you’re however paying a consultant or an agency to do technical SEO work and the content, you’re cutting into your bottom line. 

If you do the heavy SEO lifting yourself, however, that’s another story entirely as consultants may charge $100/hr while SEO agencies can cost up to $150/hr. In The Pro Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundleyou can learn how to be your own SEO pro.

This course bundle offers a comprehensive education on how to make money online organically — without breaking the bank on declared experts. You’ll learn how to effectively build links that can be picked up by Google’s algorithm and mass marketing strategies. You will also  learn how to create Google citations, do advanced keyword research for any category and optimize your on-page SEO content. 

Voice optimization and Images are also a factor into your SEO, and this bundle will teach you how to stand out via voice searches and Images. You can even get a crash course in link-building and SEO to improve your eCommerce pages.

The Pro Google SEO & SERP Certification Bundle is Just $29 today. Grow your presence online without enlisting outside help.

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