Setting Your Search Engine Optimization Goals in 2021

Setting Your Search Engine Optimization Goals in 2021

The main purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to reach more prospective users through organic search and, consequently, turn them into customers.

SEO goals are specific and measurable objectives that you work towards over a period of time. A specific, measurable goal would be something like: “Increase the number of visitors to my site by 100 visitors per month”.

Many marketers set goals that only measure the result of their SEO campaign but not the process. They want to say, “I want more traffic,” without first addressing how they’re going to drive that traffic.

A critical aspect of achieving any goal is taking the time to break things down into smaller achievable steps that will get you to where you want to go. Finding a way to break your overall goal into manageable chunks will help you stay on track.

In this case, we will break down the process into three achievable steps.

1.Create the Ultimate Goal

This is the overarching goal you are trying to achieve, and how much time it will take you to complete. Get your goal upfront and then build a roadmap by breaking it down into smaller steps.

2. Break the Ultimate Goal to Performance Goals

These are a number of mini-goals that you can accomplish every day which will help pull your bigger goal towards you. These goals are derived from the ultimate goal. They might take lesser time and effort, but more commitment.

3. Break Performance goals to Process goals

This is the final step in the breakdown. Process goals are handled by you directly and they complement the performance goals.

In order to achieve your ultimate goal, it’s useful to break it down into performance goals and process goals. When you’ve met your process goals, your performance goals should be easier to accomplish. When you meet your performance goals, that should help you achieve the ultimate goal of the business.

If you break down your overall goal into steps, you will be more likely to achieve it.

With the right framework, you can figure out how to achieve your SEO goals.

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