Is Search Engine Optimisation easier in 2020?

We’ve been doing SEO now for over 7 years now.

And while I can’t point a handful of PBNs and watch the rankings skyrocket in a couple weeks now.

I can’t help notice how much easier it is in different ways.


With tools like Surfer, you can scientifically audit the top 10 ranking sites and get a detailed plan of how to optimise your content – WITHIN SECONDS.

No guess work.

Just straight up, here’s what to do based on the top ranking sites.

Then for link building, you can just buy legit links.

Guest posts on real sites with traffic:

Broken down by DR.

Which you can match up to your competitor link audit too, using tools like Ahrefs (and a basic spreadsheet).

It’s so damn easy.

Because while it’s gotten a little more complicated, the tools and techniques have grown to match it.

And let’s be real…

OnPage and Technical have become more important, sure.

CTR, dwell time, etc matters on the first page.

But the biggest factor?

Good ol’ links.

And you can buy them now, just as easily as ever.

Same old story.

I’m sure one day, we’ll be saying…

“Man, I wish I took advantage of how easy it was in 2020”

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