10 Thrilling Tools For Web Design In 2021

10 Thrilling Tools For Web Design In 2021

The importance of design in the marketing process is highlighted in this roundup. The resources below can help you increase your design skillset or focus on improving your design skills.

1. Buttons Generator

Buttons Generator provides a new and easy way to create custom buttons. You have a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing from the different types of borders. Once you have selected your preferred three-dimensional, gradient, shadow borders, neuromorphic, retro, animated, ghost, with arrows, or more, the code is copied to your clipboard and can be used right away in your projects.  

2. Pretty Maps

PrettyMaps allows you to draw customized maps from OpenStreetMap data. This tool will give you a hand with map design, and you can use it to create a variety of cool visuals. The code is based on osmnx, matplotlib, shapely, and vsketch libraries.

3. Card.UX/UI

Card.UX/UI is a tool that lets you create your own app-style cards. It contains more than 20 themes and elements to create custom cards. Take advantage of the free on-screen tools to design it the way you want and then copy & paste the code for easy use.

4. Vytal

Vytal is a tool that displays all records that were created by your browser while visiting web pages. This tool shows you how easily it is to track your browser records even while using the privacy modes that supposedly hides it all. It also scans for any available digital information about the target system.

5. Image Cropper

Image Cropper is a tool that allows you to crop and resize images with the use of the Flutter plugin. Both IOS and Android users can access and use Image Cropper.

6. UI Deck

UI Deck provides you with free and premium landing page templates, themes, and UI kits for various projects. This is a resource where you can get more than 80 templates. It has paid access to all of the tools.

7. Lagom

Lagom has everything you need to set a solid, professional foundation for your design projects. It is both easy to understand and has a unique voice.

8. Imba

Imba is a programming language for the web that’s made to be fast. It’s packed with time-saving syntax tags and a memorized DOM, which makes it possible for developers to build web pages at lightning-fast speeds. The language compiles JavaScript, works with Node.js, and has great performance. Although the language is still under active development, the community around it is also growing.

9. Couleur.io

Couleur.io is an excellent tool for quickly choosing a palette, previewing it across different background colors, and building a palette from scratch. Get it looking the way you want, and then consider using it in your projects.

10. ScrollingMockup.io

You can easily get high-definition, animated scrolling mockups for your website in minutes. It involves pasting the URL of your website, selecting from the expanding template gallery, adding some music, and posting it. It’s possible to create three mockups for free, but the paid version allows for more custom designs and branding opportunities.

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