Top 5 Tools For Managing Social Media Accounts In 2021

Top 5 Tools For Managing Social Media Accounts In 2021

Today, consumers are much more likely to buy from brands that are responsive on social media. This is because in order to compete in today’s highly competitive marketing world, social marketing is an inevitable part of your arsenal. With the right social media management tools on your side, you’ll have the time and the energy to focus on what matters most: generating leads and growing your business.

If you’re managing multiple social media accounts, here are some tools that will help you streamline the process.

1. Post Planner

I use Post Planner to schedule my social media content. It’s a great tool that helps me save time and have more consistent posting. Post Planner has tons of useful features that make it easy to manage social media.

  • Schedule posts
  • Share content
  • Create and manage content
  • Save templates

Want to know what others are talking about? Try searching by topic, trend, keyword, hashtag, or Facebook and Twitter handles.

Pricing ranges from $3 to $49 a month depending on your chosen profile.

2. BuzzSumo

A good content calendar is essential if you want to manage social media effectively. It can help you stay on topic, schedule your posts ahead of time, and promote your most popular content. BuzzSumo will show you top keywords and influencers for your topic, along with the most shared content by influencers and in social media.
You can export the top content, influencer lists, and influencer scores, or save the results as a CSV.

By utilizing BuzzSumo to discover the influencers for specific topics, you can then utilize that as a starting point to determine which content and domains might be influential. Basically, you can track which influencers and competitors are working well for you, but also the ones are seen to fail.

Pricing ranges from $79 to $499 depending on the selected monthly plan.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the tools that will help you better manage your social media accounts. At least 19,000 businesses trust Sprout Social to manage their social media accounts.

Whether you’re a small business, an agency, or an enterprise company, Sprout Social will drastically help you save time and accomplish your daily social media tactics.

Pricing Range: You will get a free month trial (30 days), and then packages begin from $99, $149, or $249

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite’s social media management allows you to connect with 35 different social networks and manage all your posts from one place. Hootsuite and Sprout Social are both great social media management tools, but when it comes to choosing one of them, it’s important to know that they’re very similar in what they offer.

However, since they both work similarly, it is rare to find one using both at the same time. There are minor differences like web layout, integrated programs and languages.

Pricing ranges from free for up to 3 social media profiles, and the $19 to $499 monthly depending on the selected package.

5. MeetEdgar

You can schedule as many topics as you want on whatever days you want while using MeetEdgar. If you ever find yourself wondering how to make your content more appealing, MeetEdgar is a good solution.

Edgar will find and publish content that is likely to get traction on social media. Edgar can pick topics from a variety of sources based on your interests, and once those sources run out, Edgar will pull from other sources as needed.

Additionally, old content that people may have missed the first time around will be re-shared.

Pricing range: You will get a free 2 week trial, and then you can subscribe to $49 a month package.

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