November 30

What is Data Driven Marketing and How will it affect your results


Consider these few findings from a survey we ran among C-Level and Senior Managers in Brands (FMCG, Financial Institutions, eCommerce, Retail etc) and Agencies in Africa, to assess the current state of their Data-driven marketing efforts:

  • Only 29% of respondents collect customer data from “Websites & Blog” – why are 71% not taking advantage of these assets to collect useful first-party data?
  • A whopping 57% of Brands want to know “What are my customers’ current needs and pain points”. This is a question technology can help solve, by simply tracking the right data sets and behavioural data, if the relevant solutions are adopted.
  • More than 60% of Brands have CRM platforms as part of their marketing tech assets. How much more value can they extract from this asset, to improve their marketing efforts?
  • 15% of respondents still have their IT/Engineering Managers make MarTech purchase decisions. What possible risks do these respondents face in terms of company-wide adoption and realisation of benefits?


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